Lip Liner


Q. What is permanent cosmetics and how long does it last?

A. Permanent Cosmetics is the "permanent" application of pigment into the skin. The pigment will never wash away or smear, however the pigment may fade/soften in color through the years. With proper care your procedure should hold its color between five and fifteen years. Most people may want or need touch-ups or color boosts in one to three years.

Although said to be "permanent", anything you apply to your skin, depending upon your skin type and texture, the products you use on your skin, your life-style and how well you follow the aftercare instructions, will determine the amount of fading/softening that can occur. All procedures are a two step process.

Remember, the desired color can be enhanced and maintained with occasional touch-ups.

Q. What are the advantages of permanent cosmetics?

A. There is tremendous time savings when compared to the time taken for application and the cost of cosmetics.

Do you want to:

  • Simplify your life?
  • Enhance your natural features?
  • Make your lashes appear longer and thicker?
  • Fill your brows where hair is lost or thin?
  • Wake up with makeup every morning?
  • Wear less makeup and still look beautiful?
  • Participate in active sports and look your best?
  • Do outdoor activities like camping, hiking and swimming and not worry about your make-up?
  • Save time gettign ready each day?
  • Avoid make-up allergies?
  • Create areolas that have been lost due to cancer?
  • Camouflage unwanted tattoos?

Do you:

  • Have a difficult time seeing to apply your make-up?
  • Have to re-apply make-up during the day?
  • Have lost hair in your eyebrows or lash line?
  • Hate when your drawn on brows smear and come off? Need definition added to your features??

Q. How does it work?

A. All implements used are sterile and 100% disposable. the sterile needles are dipped into pigment and applied into the skin according to the shape you desire. All needles are only used once, then disposed of in a Sharps container for your protection.

Q. Is it painful?

A. SofTap is the most gentle of all tattooing methods. A topical anesthetic is used to pre-numb the treatment area, then more topical is applied throughout your procedure. Depending on your pain tolerance, you may feel some discomfort, but most people feel very little.

Q. What can I expect from an appointment with you?

A. If you have chosen a lip procedure, you must first have a consultation visit to receive a patch test. If you have already had a consultation, the next step is to choose a pigment color and design your work.

Your skin is then pre-numbed and the pigment is applied. Procedures take anywhere from one to three hours. an aftercare kit and instructions will then be given to you.

Q. What is the recovery period?

A. In some cases there will be slight swelling or redness of the skin which should quickly subside. Complete recovery will be realized in approximately two to six weeks. You will be given aftercare instructions and an aftercare kit.

Q. How long does it last?

A. The procedure results last 3-10 years, but some people may need touch-ups more often.