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Permanent makeup Montana: Everyday Beautiful Everyday Easy

If you are looking for the best permanent makeup Montana has to offer you have found Naturally You Cosmetics.

Permanent makeup Montana: Permanent cosmetics are for you if:

  • You want to simplify your life.
  • Enhance natural features.
  • Make your lashes appear longer and thicker.
  • Fill your brows where hair is lost or thin.
  • Wear less makeup and still look beautiful.
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  • Participate in active sports and want to look your best.
  • Save time getting ready each day.
  • Avoid makeup allergies.
  • Have a hard time seeing to apply your makeup.
  • Have to reapply makeup during the day.
  • Have lost your hair on your eyebrows or lashline.
  • Your drawn eyebrows smear and come off.

Why SofTap

The SofTap Hand Method is a technique used to manually apply pigment to the skin. With no machinery or electrical devices involved, the process is very controlled, gentle and safe, resulting in an extremely natural look.

Why Permanent

They are the “permanent” application of pigment into the skin. The pigment will never wash away or smear but the pigment may fade and soften in color. With proper care your procedure should hold its color anywhere from 5-15 years.

How does
it work?

All implements used are sterile and 100% disposable. The sterile needles are dipped into pigment and applied into the skin according to the shape you desire. All needles are only used once.