SofTap Permanent Cosmetics Hand Method vs. Permanent Makeup Machine Method.  Permanent Makeup Training featuring SofTap Permanent Cosmetics, Rotary or Coil Methods.  Is SofTap Permanent Cosmetics Hand Method all that?


    Let me first start out by saying that I know some wonderful artists that do Permanent Makeup with machines and they are great.  Some started out as tattoo artists and others became involved because of intense interest in this great field.  Most artists use machines costing under $400, while some think a $4500 investment in a machine will make them a better artist.  ($4500 ??? wow!) And you usually need a backup machine.

Now to the point, a good artist can do good (beautiful) work with their tool of choice.

"So what is the difference??" you ask.

    You want to learn permanent makeup. You want to provide the best service possibly and have the most beautiful results. You don't want any problems and you want your client to come back. 

    Let's start with machines and their relationship with Permanent Makeup.  Machines are intended to deposit tattoo pigment fast.  But is fast good or good for your client?  The following are precautions associated with machines that I found in some publications or heard about:

  1. Extreme caution must be used when tattooing lips with a machine or macerated lips might result. I heard this at the SPCP Convention.
  2. Jeffery Lyle Segal recommends that the needle not extend over 1.5 mm otherwise penetration might extend through the lid and into the eye.
  3. Dr. Des Fernendes suggests that using a 5 needle configuration or larger can damage skin, resulting in bruising and extended healing time.
  4. Overworking skin can result in scarring and hyper-pigmentation as noted by Sue Preston and Dr, Thorpe
  5. SPCP Pre-Procedure suggest for the client to have someone drive them home after an eyeliner service. 
  6. Yolanda More wrote for the SPCP, Is Your Permanent Cosmetic Equipment (machine) Safe?
  7. Improper placement including angle of approach, insertion and depth of penetration can result in puddling, merging and migration of pigments in undesired areas.
  8. You need 2 machines, one for backup or different needle configuration.

                        So, who needs all this to contend with??

    Now don't get me wrong, I love my machines, got a few Spalding-Rogers coils.  I also offer Permanent Makeup and tattoo training using machines. But when prospective students are offered the choice between the machine or SofTap hand method, well guess what, they choose the SofTap Hand Method. 

Here is the logic behind their choice.

bullet With SofTap, you control the amount of pigment that is placed.  Remember that a machine can generate up to a couple thousand strokes a minute. You have to keep up with it, it controls you.
bulletUsing the hand method you can place pigment EXACTLY where you want it, when you want it.  I can place my needles, with pigment, on the skin to "mark" the area, Then deposit the pigment with a soft tap. Not with a machine. While it's on, you have to approach the targeted area, penetrate and move.
bulletMore control means minimal chance for hyper-pigmentation, bruising maceration, scarring, migration, and in general, mistakes.
bulletThe hand method procedure manually pushes the pigment in with varying pressure depending on the skin thickness. There is minimal recovery time, up to 5 days, compared to the 2 weeks suggested by the most After Care Forms.  No one ever needed a ride home.
bulletThe hand tools are made with an angled tip. As the needles are pushed forward, not down, all the tips penetrate at an angle  depositing pigment. There is no impact into the skin as compared to a machine.  It is a more comfortable service for the client.
bulletTHE COST  You can spend between $350 and $2500 for machines.  You also need a backup and they eventually need to be replaced.  The cost for the setup is almost the same.
bulletTHE TIME  Once your tray is set, open the tool and place it on the tray.  You're ready to work. To clean up is just as easy.  Rotary and coils have to be assembled, disassembled, barricaded, cleaned and sometimes autoclaved. 

So in conclusion.......

    I love using machines, but not on the face. I will teach a great class using any method.  I just don't like to think of all the things that can happen and all the extra precautions you have to take using machines. I like the idea that I can mark the spot I want to tap, then tap. I like the idea that, even if the client moves or blinks, I don't have to worry about implanting in the wrong area. I like that my clients are comfortable. 


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